lunedì 5 agosto 2013

Tumblr time!

Nel caso ci sia qualcuno (?) che ancora seguiva questo blog ho spostato le operazioni su tumblr.

mercoledì 5 ottobre 2011

Ateismo vs Agnosticismo

Questo l'ho trovato su reddit qualche tempo fa e spiega chiaramente perché preferisco definirmi ateo invece che agnostico (anche se tecnicamente sono entrambi).

lunedì 19 settembre 2011

Sam Harris e i Libertarians

Okay, lo so che mi faccio vedere raramente ed ultimamente ci do dentro ai libertari, ma questa non potevo davvero farmela sfuggire.

How to Lose Readers di Sam Harris è una lucida ed impietosa analisi di cosa non vada davvero nella visione (estrema, ovviamente) libertaria:

For what it’s worth—and it won’t be worth much to many of you—I understand the ethical and economic concerns about taxation. I agree that everyone should be entitled to the fruits of his or her labors and that taxation, in the State of Nature, is a form of theft. But it appears to be a form of theft that we require, given how selfish and shortsighted most of us are.

Many of my critics imagine that they have no stake in the well-being of others. How could they possibly benefit from other people getting first-rate educations? How could they be harmed if the next generation is hurled into poverty and despair? Why should anyone care about other people’s children? It amazes me that such questions require answers.

Da leggere tutto.

Chiudo con una nota di Charl Stross:

[E]conomic libertarianism is based on the same reductionist view of human beings as rational economic actors as 19th century classical economics — a drastic over-simplification of human behaviour. Like Communism, Libertarianism is a superficially comprehensive theory of human behaviour that is based on flawed axioms and, if acted upon, would result in either failure or a hellishly unpleasant state of post-industrial feudalism.

sabato 16 aprile 2011

Il dubbio

The worst atrocities in history have been committed by people who rendered themselves incapable of doubt. Absolute certainty was their addiction, and “absolute truth” was their drug. Can you see that doubt is not an enemy, and become comfortable with it as a good and constant friend who keeps you honest, humble and human?
Richard Wade su Friendly Atheist.

sabato 9 aprile 2011

Link dopo cena

Oggi in edizione "quando l'imbecillità la fa da padrone":
Brie Romaguera’s death is a tragic example of the reality that when parents choose not to vaccinate, they are not making a “purely personal” decision — they are making one that has the potential to affect everyone their children come in contact with.
  • Germany will extend the life of coal power in its shift from nuclear power.
    Congratulazioni, siete riusciti a rendere una situazione tragica anche peggiore. La Germania produce la maggioranza della sua energia con carbone, petrolio e gas (78% secondo wikipedia), tutte fonti che contribuiscono al cambiamento climatico e inquinano alla grande. E benché benvenute le energie alternative non possono coprire il fabbisogno, come MacKay dimostra ampiamente. Che ci rimane?